Why not keep your bathroom white?

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Perhaps you are one of them, but many a homeowner has settled for the perceptively practical implication of having what you could call a colored bathroom. Not only is the bathroom’s focal point, the bath, a decidedly different color, other than the traditional white, but so too are the bathroom’s tiles and washbasin, even the toilet and bidet, if such a luxurious appointment has been made. The perception being that going in for a colorful appointment goes beyond just aesthetics.

Of course, adding color to any room’s interiors does have its attractions but the reason for doing so in the bathroom has been on the practical side. And of course, white has always been perceived to be rather on the bland, opaque and neutral side, adding nothing of value that would normally please the eye or in the sense of the bathing experience, gives vent to other sensations. The practical motivation for not refurbishing an old bathroom in white, all over again, has something to do with those visible and horrid marks and streaks that have been left over the years.

And what quicker way to remove and disguise them by just adding in the color. That is all it is. It is just a perception. And indeed, that is all it is too. Just a disguise. Would it not be rather better still to keep on enjoying the old aesthetic? Never a whiter finish from a bathroom refinishing washington dc job. Not only is the old bath white, it is whiter than white. And it stays that way for however long you choose it to be so.

Of course, you really ought to take better care of your bath this time. Do make sure that you give it the TLC that comes recommended with the refinishing job.