Most people doubt that their garage floor will ever get stained, after all, it’s not like a lot of dirty activities happen there anyway. However, the floor can end up stained quite easily, even if the only thing you do in there is park the car after a long day.

Dripping Motor Oil

Oil is the most common stain to tarnish garage floors since automotive oil will occasionally drip from the bottom of the car and stain the concrete below it. The fix for the stain is often as easy as fixing the car itself, but if it can’t be fixed, many people place a piece of cardboard or a box underneath the dripping oil to prevent the stain from hitting the floor.

Rust can be found on the floor as well, normally after a painting project goes wrong and some paint ends up staining the floor. When the paint is chipped off and peeled away, rust can be left behind, but it can be cleaned with some muscle and sandpaper.

Using an Epoxy

Spills and other stains can also happen around the workbench if some tools get out of hand, and if the spills are either forgotten or not cleaned up all the way, then they can set inside the floor. Thankfully, a Garage floor epoxy exists that can help keep the floor clean. The epoxy will act as a shield between your garage floor and the stains, and it can withstand many of the common stains that can happen in a garage.

Garage floor epoxy

So, you can let the oil drip, the paint dry, and the workbench cleaners spill, knowing that the epoxy will prevent these stains from staining your garage floor. Clean them up with a rag and then you can go about your day, knowing that your garage floor is safe from harm.